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   Read some testimonials from groups & people we have helped. Click on the name to view their testimonials.

Davey Johnson – Fighter, Fire Cobra

Thanks to the Lee Smith Trust I have been able to train in Thailand which will not only benefit me but others too as I passed on knowledge from what I learnt over there to others in the North East. I am really grateful for the donations I received from the Trust.

Sam Bainbridge – Fighter and Owner of Fire Cobra

In November 2011 I planned a trip to Koh Samui Thailand, to train at ‘Jun Muay Thai’ training camp. Not long after applying for funding from the Lee Smith Trust I was granted funding toward s the cost of the trip.

This covered my training costs for the 14 day trip which involved training for twice a day morning and afternoon, 2.5 hours per session. Whilst being one of the most tiring training trips I’ve been on it was also hugely enjoyable and has added a great deal of experience and insight into ‘Muay Thai’ as practiced in Thailand. This experience is now allowing me and other students to advance our knowledge and skills which hopefully, is contributing to the whole UK Muay Thai community.

The Lee Smith Trust was a great resource for this type of trip and is still continuing to support others and their ventures. Many thanks and long may it continue!

Reece McAllister – Fighter, Phoenix Thai Boxing

I have had funding from the Lee Smith Trust numerous amounts of time, which has helped me greatly to pay for my travel expenses to Thailand, due to the help of the Lee Smith Trust I have been able to train and fight in Thailand where I have won 2 stadium titles and had some great fights also it gave me the chance to see different styles of thaiboxing and life which improved me as not only a fighter but as a person.

It made me grow up and understand what it was like to stand on my own two feet also I have been able to learn the Thai language which is a great personal achievement.

So I would like to say a big Thank you to the Lee Smith Trust for helping me live my dream

Gary McAllister – Owner of Phoenix Thai Boxing

Phoenix Thai Boxing have received fantastic support from the Lee Smith Trust, from the purchasing of a new ring and training equipment, to sending people abroad to train and compete around the world. The Lee Smith Trust has provided invaluable financial support over the past three years, and this has enabled the club to progress in terms of the ability to accommodate more students; equipping the premises with an excellent range of equipment and consequently allowing Phoenix Thai Boxing to be recognised on a National and International level.

In particular, Reece McAllister has received outstanding support from the Lee Smith Trust, enabling him to travel to Thailand to train and compete over the past 3 years. As a result, Reece has received sponsorship from the Superpro Samui gym in Koh Samui, and has been signed up for ‘Showtime’; where he will have the opportunity to compete on the Dutch promotion, alongside superstars of Thai Boxing.

The Lee Smith Trust has also further assisted the students of Phoenix Thai Boxing club, Sam Mitchell, Anthony Shelton, Lauren Humphrey and others in travelling to Thailand to train and compete on numerous occasions. The support of the Lee Smith Trust has proved invaluable to the progression and development of Phoenix Thai Boxing; to both students and the club itself. Phoenix Thai Boxing would like to thank the Lee Smith Trust for their continued support.

Michael Ellison & John Rutter - Owner & Coach, Wolf Muay Thai

Since it started is has helped Wolf Thai Boxing with funding towards a 14ft boxing ring and has also funded one of my fighters – Grant Bear to go to Holland for 1 week and train with Lucien Carbin. Without the help of the Lee Smith Trust Fund Wolf Thai Boxing would not be where it is today.

Craig Jose – Fighter and Owner of The Faktory Gym

The Lee Smith Trust helped to start our kid’s classes by providing the necessary equipment. The Lee Smith Trust is a valued resource for North East Muay Thai and we support them at any opportunity

Joe Welsh and Robert Barry - Fighters from Sor Thanikul

Robbie Barry and Joe Welch have received fantastic support from the Lee Smith Trust. They have helped support towards the boys travel and expenses for their training trip to Thailand. Rob who was 16 years of age at the time fought in Hua Hin and stopped his opponent in the first round by TKO. We would like to thank the Lee Smith Trust to making their dreams possible.

Juan Cervantes - Fighter from Northern Kings

In 2014 I was selected for the IFMA GB Team and given the opportunity to go to Malaysia and compete in the World Championships. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for me, however I had to pay for the flights myself as unfortunately the sport of Thai Boxing gets limited funding. I had just finished university at the time so was in no position financially to afford this. The Lee Smith Trust granted me a sum toward my flights, covering the majority of the cost. This helped me get out to Malaysia and experience the IFMA World Championships, and I don't think I could have raised the money without them. It was an unbelievable experience which opened my eyes as to how big the sport of Thai Boxing is worldwide.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the Lee Smith Trust for helping me toward the greatest experience of my Thai Boxing career so far!!

John Rutter - Fighter from Northern Kings

In June 2014 I had planned to go back to train at super pro samui with Craig Jose and the Northern Kings camp as I have trained under Craig for the last 4years, the lee smith trust helped me massively with the funding to this trip, and I have come away with more knowledge of the sport, to help pass on in my coaching at wolf muaythai, I would like to say thank you to the trust for all the help and support they have given over the years to the students, mike and myself at wolf. The trust is a massive asset to the northeast muaythai scene so well done to those who run it, and thanks again.

Charlie Simpson - Fighter from Wolf Thai Boxing

I am really pleased to have gone to Malaysia. I wanted to win and found the training hard in the heat but I grew in confidence with the help of my coaches. The fight was hard but I managed to stay calm and remember what coaches told me. I couldn't believe it when I won gold and would definitely do it all again. I would like to thank the Lee Smith Trust Fund for their support and funding me, without their help it wouldn't have been possible.

Benny Anderson – Owner of Sunderland Thai Boxing

We purchased equipment with the grant we received from the lee smith fund, thanks to the fund we were able to get more equipment, resulting in being able to take on new members for the club, thanks to the lee smith trust fund.

Matthew Teasdale – Owner of Team Phoenix

We received a generous grant from the Lee Smith Trust which enabled us to purchase four punch bags and two belly-pads. As everyone who owns or runs a gym knows, equipment for the people at the gym to use is expensive and it’s often a case of adding to it bit by bit, whenever you're able to afford it! To be able to purchase six well-needed items in one go was great. Many thanks to the trust for the help

Gary Wilkinson – Owner of Fight to Fit Cramlington

As stated when initially requesting the contribution, the club is greatly in its infancy, has staggered attendance but includes approximately 20 members, and so we were and are greatly in need of equipment, especially for the juniors that are full of enthusiasm and have an increased urgency to hit things! The strike pads certainly offer a reality to their training.

As I still consider myself an Aycliffetonian, so far I have attended two of the Lee Smith testimonial fight nights, and know that the show standard improves each year, so I look forward to seeing you all again this coming September.

On behalf of us here in Cramlington, a huge thank you to you and the trustee's for your kindness in granting us funding. We can only hope that with the purchase of the equipment that the club attendance continues to increase, as we currently have members from not only Cramlington, but Newbiggin by the sea, Blyth and Ashington. We are honoured to have been supported by the trust, and can only hope that any one of our team can one day be half as good a Nak Muay as Lee was.

Paul Pearson – Owner of Silipa Muay Thai

I would just like to thank the Lee Smith trust on helping our gym Silipa Muay Thai buy some pads and new matting for our gym in Darlington. The funds have really helped us improve the gym, as we continue to grow.

I would also like to thank the Lee Smith trust on behalf of Paul Matthews who went to Thailand to train in 2011, he would like to thank the trust for helping him pay for his flights, since returning from Thailand Paul has won 2 fights and it’s great to see the Lee Smith trust is helping fighters travel to Thailand to develop and improve.

We look forward to supporting the Lee Smith Memorial show in 2012, and once again a big thank you to Lorraine and the Lee Smith trust Thanks a lot - Paul Pearson and everyone at Silipa Muay Thai.

Nick Hands – Owner of Soul of Sukhothai, Unity Gym

I would like to thank the Lee Smith Memorial Trust for their donations over the last 4 years. When we first started our Thai boxing camp, we found it very difficult to attract any funding at all. The Lee Smith Trust came through for us enabling us to purchase matted flooring and new Thai pads.

This has made our gym a much better place to train and has helped us train many younger Thai boxers to a higher level, one of which (Connor Peachey) represented his country at world level.

A big thank you to the Lee Smith Trust from everyone at the Soul of Sukhothai Camp.

Steven Wright – Owner of Erawan Thai Boxing

I would like to thank The Lee Smith Trust for its kind assistance with helping Erawan Thai Boxing fund the new matting at our gym. Your help was greatly appreciated and as you can see from the photo the end result looks great.

Adam Batley – Tu Nova Fight Fit

I would like to say a big thank you to the Lee Smith Memorial Trust. The trust has helped me buy much needed equipment to expand my teaching and be able to allow more students into a class. Truly appreciated from Tu Nova Fight Fit.

Craig, Ritchie and Shaun - Owners at Auckland Martial Arts Academy

We are very grateful to the Lee Smith trust for awarding Auckland Martial Arts Academy the funding which allowed us to renew some of our equipment. Keep up the very good work you do to all who put in the hours behind the scenes at the Lee Smith Trust.

Dave Corrigan - Owner of Pegasus Muay Thai

Massive thank you for the help given for the funding of junior equipment, it's lovely to think my 1st junior gloves and shin pads will be worn in memory of Lee (RIP).

§ My lasting memory will always be with him cornering my last fight Catterick many years ago. Lee was the perfect soft hearted gentleman, inside the ring a verocious muay thai fighter. In 30 years in thai one of the best fights I've seen to this day was Lee against Paul Austin in Darlington. Your son was, and still is an inspiration to many of us Anne.